A building, as well as its interior environment, should accurately reflect the characteristics of a corporation’s culture, management techniques and ideologies. It should also support the tasks of daily work activity with a sense of aesthetics that is as timeless as well as functional.

In preparation for projects, our team researches the history of a site by visiting the facility and examining its historical past through documents, surveys, and photographs. We interpret past successes and failures, explore the needs of the facility, and seek to determine the most cost effective and aesthetically appropriate solution. We identify the thematic styles which most effectively work within budgetary constraints and present them as a series of concepts.

The implementation of a chosen theme is very important to our work process. Our discussions with the client seek to explore ideas and identify preferences. Only when a client feels comfortable do we proceed with the execution. It is our philosophy that “the devil is in the details,” and we pride ourselves in delivering the best product with genuine enthusiasm and effective cost management. Every step of the process is documented to be easily interpreted and reviewed for evaluating purposes.

The final stage of our process might include a variety of service options. Our scope of capabilities includes space planning, interior finish and lighting specification, high-end millwork design, and artwork/accessories. We fully invest our resources in the field and work within each trade to deliver the best possible product.

Our approach has been proven successful throughout a range of interior design projects: corporate headquarters, office renovations, healthcare/assisted living facilities, and restaurants. From space planning to lighting, from furniture to signage, the client is involved in every aspect of the design and execution process.